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HanPrism (Plant Information System)

HanPrism Data Historian provides real-time data collecting, archiving, analysis and visualization with high performance.
Fast and accurate
Data Resolution : 1ms for Event data and 10ms for Analog Data
Data Processing : 467,000 Tags per second for a single server
Process and archive plant data without any distortion through high speed data historian
Simple and easy UX/UI
Display historian data with optimized you Interface by focusing on users’ perspectives
Use operational data with easy applications to analyze historian data
Right Decision and Effective Communication
Analyze real-time and historical data
Visualize and share plant data at the right time with fast historian, suitable applications and interfaces.
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HanPrism is a data infrastructure which gathers massive data from different data sources, turns data into valuable information and distributes them to the right people at the right time. Also, HanPrism can be the data hub to share real-time and historical operation data to third-party applications. HanPrism gives you intelligence and insight to make a right decision in a timely manner, improve process and reduce operational costs.

HanAra Engine
A good Data Historian possesses high-performance engine. HanPrism also have HanAra Engine which a key factor to become a useful data historian. HanAra Engine collects and archives massive data from various data sources such as DCS, PLC and other data acquisition systems. HanAra Engine archives data in the same manner as data from DCS without any data distortion. HanPrism Sever turns all data from plants into valuable information and delivers them to HanPrism Applications.
Data Historian
HanPrism possesses high-performance data historian. You can collect and archive vast amount of plant data with HanPrism data historian. Also, you can monitor real-time data at the moment of the sensor produces them and retrieve historical data within seconds.
HanPrism Spotlight
A good data historian links to intuitive client. You can analyze data with HanPrism Spotlight. You can access and monitor real-time operational data anywhere, anytime using the process mimic displays and powerful trend charts. All functions are pre-engineered, so it is very easy to utilize the HanPrism tools for analyzing and reporting data provided by high speed data historian.
Script Tag(Calculation Tag)
Script Engine is for making simple or complex equations. All math functions of .NET Framework are supported. You can easily build, test and run script tags.
Mimic Replay
Mimic Replay is for monitoring historical data on process mimics like a video recorder. You-defined time setting functions are supported, so you can easily replay historical operation status on process mimics.
HanAra SpreadSheet
HanAra SpreadSheet is a Microsoft Excel Add-in application. By connecting to our data historian engine, HanAra engine, you can bring real-time and historical operational data to an Excel template, make various reports and calculate historian data with Excel Calculation.
Graphic Editor
Graphic Editor is for designing and editing process mimics. You can make symbol libraries and design mimics.
HanAra Dashboard
HanAra Dashboard is for visualizing historian data and turning data to operational information by designing a dashboard page. Process mimics, graphs and charts can be imported to the dashboard page by clicking and dragging within seconds. Han Dashboard supports desktop and web version.