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HanPHI  (Plant Health Index)

Predictive Analytic Software Solution for identifying functional, potential and even hidden failures beforehand
Accurate Prediction
Amazingly identifies failures beforehand by using the sophisticated algorithms
Completely optimizes the prediction models by using the a real-time tuning mechanism
Quick Recognition
Recognizes anomalies for of a plant’s health condition with health index number
Scrutinizes abnormal equipment within a seconds
Value creation
Improves stability of sensors
Improves stability of equipment
Improves availability and reliability of a plant
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HanPHI is a software tool for early detection of any anomaly behaviors of sensors, equipment and operations of a process plant. HanPHI gives an early warning when there is a potential sensor failure, equipment failure and/or improper process operation before any catastrophic failure occurs.

HanPHI Health Index
HanPHI provides health index to indicate the condition of an entire plant including all of the systems and signals. With the operational patterns built up with the Model Builder, HanPHI measures discrepancies between the real-time operational conditions and expected normal operational conditions. Any discrepancies of the current plant, equipment and signal conditions are indicated in percentage values. User can easily and quickly notice conditions of the sensors, transmitters, equipment system and entire plant with the index.
HanPHI Success Tree
HanPHI Success Tree is a hierarchical representation of plant systems, subsystems and signals. It also provides health status index from top to bottom at sensor level. HanPHI Success Tree automatically tracks a signal with the lowest index affecting to a total health index.
HanPHI Alarm
HanPHI Alarm displays sensor anomalies with different warning levels. User can identify, search and filter current or historical alarms. HanPHI Alarm lists up signals, equipment and groups whose health status has decreased below the acceptable levels.
HanPHI Trend Analysis
HanPHI Trend Analysis is for analyzing the cause of an equipment failure or early warnings from HanPHI in detail. Historical and real-time trend of the actual, expected and residual values are displayed.
HanPHI Model Builder
HanPHI Model Builder is for modeling operational patterns of each critical equipment. The patterns are made to use the good quality of plant data for a particular duration which is selected by users. HanPHI Model Builder generates number of operational patterns with different names and descriptions such that it can be selected based on the plant operation conditions.
HanPHI Model Executer
HanPHI Model Executer is used for running the models built by HanPHI Model Builder. It observes the current conditions in the plant and finds out the expected conditions accurately with high performance calculations. Using the current and expected plant conditions, it calculates the health index of each signal in order to calculate the total health index of the plant and equipment in hierarchical order. HanPHI Model Executer finds out the best matching pattern with the current conditions. It also dynamically generates  the suitable calculation parameters to find out the expected conditions. The calculations are done within fraction of second.