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HanOMS  (Operation-margin Monitoring System)

Smart Monitoring Software Solution for detecting operational anomalies within seconds
Smart and Fast
Scrutinizes all important process parameters instantaneously
Detects operation anomalies within seconds
Simple and Easy
Optimized User Interface by focusing on users’ perspectives
Easy to use and analyze operational data
Value Creation
Optimizes operational conditions
Improves efficiency
Improves availability
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HanOMS facilitates early recognition of operational anomalies causing a plant trip while operating a plant. HanOMS converts operating ranges of analog signals to a percentage value from the normal to trip level. Also, HanOMS generates alarms when operating on the margin of trip as the related signal decreases below the acceptable level.
Using HanOMS, both operators and plant engineers or managers can view the operational status of an entire plant. Multiple units as well as multiple plants can be combined on a single display for executive managers or headquarters to access the operational conditions of all units at a glance.


HanOMS Main
Movements of a large number of key signals can be monitored at a glance. Also, user can monitor the full range of key signals from normal to trip conditions. The operational status of multiple units and plants on a single display.
HanOMS Manager
HanOMS Manager is the database management utility to configure groups and signals.
HanOMS Auto Range
Normal operation ranges for each signal can be automatically set up by HanOMS Auto Range. By using historical operation data, HanOMS Auto Range provides a guideline to set up normal ranges for each signal. Bad values of each signal are automatically or manually removed as per the pre-configuration setting.