SW Solution

ECOMS  (Economic COal Management System)

Coal blending management system for optimization and combustion prediction
Plans short- and long-term coal blending by analyzing and managing coal stocks.
Recommends coal selections for blending optimization.
Predicts combustion based on coal types and equipment.
Analyzes cost-efficiency based on blending results.
Coal Supply
  • Manages shipping schedules and coal inventories with a schedule table and trend chart to prepare for coal blending.
Coal Blending
  • Automatically plans long- & short-term coal blending schedules.
  • Provides economically optimized coal blending information by considering current inventors and limitation.
Combustion Prediction
  • Equipment List for Combustion Prediction
  • Coal Feeding System
  • Pulverizers
  • Boiler
  • Draft Fans
  • Environmental Facilities
  • Provides comparison and evaluation between expected values & actual values
Cost Analysis
  • Provides cost and benefit information
  • Fuel Cost
  • Operation Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Analyzes cost and benefit by comparing discrepancies between design and actual coal