SW Solution

ARIDES  (Advanced Real-time Information DEployment Solution)

DCS HMI Solution for effective and safe operation
HMI solution for the nuclear Industry
More than 30 years of experience in nuclear power plants
Monitors and controls nuclear power plants
HMI solution for coal-fired and gas-fired power plants
Monitors and controls coal-fired power plants
Monitors and controls combined-cycle and gas-fired power plants
Upgrading legacy DCS HMI
Solves problems caused by legacy DCS HMI and low performance historian
Upgrades 16 systems for GE Mark V
Upgrades 30 systems for GE EX2000
Upgrades 2 systems for SIEMENS SPPA T2000 or TXP
Upgrades 7 systems for ABB Procontrol P13, P42
Upgrades 1 system for MHI MIDAS 8000
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ARIDES is a DCS HMI Solution for safe and effective operation of a power plant. ARIDES has been deployed for nuclear, thermal, hydro and combined-cycle power plants for over 15 years. ARIDES interfaces with MHI MIDAS 8000, ABB Procontrol P13/P42, GE Mark-V and SIEMENS Teleperm XP. It improves the entire control system performance only by upgrading old HMI software solutions. In addition, a powerful historian which archives and retrieves years of data with high performance is embedded in ARIDES.

  • Data Historian for collecting and archiving high resolution data
  • Supports various logs and reports
  • On-line historical data backup
Mimic Replay
  • Replays historical operation status on process mimics like a video recorder
  • Supports user-defined time setting functions
Alarm & Event Viewer
  • Lists up alarms
  • Searches and filters alarms based on priority and types of signals and systems
View Utilities
  • Real-time Trend
  • Alarm / Event Viewer
  • Bar Graph
  • Group Display
  • Point Search
  • Point Summary
  • Point Viewer
  • X-Y Plot
  • System Status Display
  • Radar Chart
  • Logic Viewer
  • Plant Mimic Display
  • Mimic Replay
Report Utilities
  • HDSR Trend(Historian)
  • HDSR File Viewer
  • HDSR Backup
  • Group Log
  • Alarm / Event Log
  • Control History
Engineering Utilities
  • Group Log Setup
  • Group Setup
  • Composed Point Builder
  • Point Configuration
  • DB Manager
  • Security