Join BNF Technology’s Global Partnership Program!

BNF Technology Inc. is looking for partners who are committed to creating customer values with BNF Software Solution.
We are doing business based on Win-Win Partnerships with our partners with a belief that your success in business is also our success. If you want to know more about our partnership programs, please refer to the below or contact us at
Partnership Programs
Sales Partners
  • Sales Partners are partners who sell and promote BNF’s solutions to their markets or regions. They can sell and promote BNF’s solutions together with BNF Technology.
SI (System Integrator) Partners
  • System Integrators are partners who provide services including implementation, integration, training customers and solution customization with BNF’s solutions.
VAR (Value Added Reseller) Partners
  • VAR Partners are partners who sell BNF solutions in markets or regions where they can extend our delivery and coverage models that may not be serviced directly by BNF Technology.

Partner Supporting Program