About BNF

BNF Technology Inc. delivers optimized software solutions for operation and management of process plants.

For over 15 years, we have developed specialized HMI solutions for the nuclear power industry. With authentic technology and years of experience, we have developed corporate data infrastructure, data history, predictive analytics, and performance monitoring solutions. We have successfully deployed the solutions for coal-fired, combined-cycle, seawater desalination and petrochemical plants. Learn more about our customers

The meaning of Breakthrough aNd Fusion,

The meaning of our company name, BNF, is “creating value with the fusion of people, technology, and process and overcoming limitations with innovative thoughts, actions, and win-win.
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Providing customer-focused products and services

We provide customer-focused products and services by keeping BNF product values Learn more about our product valuesaligned with the company’s values. Since the beginning, we have focused on customers’ needs. We have developed the solutions by reflecting our industrial experience and customers’ requirements.

For a sustainable growth, we invest 10% in R&D every year and develop software solutions focusing on the operational excellence of processing industry. Our goal will be achieved only when we continuously contribute to creating customers’ values with our solutions.

BNF Technology launches its new product brand Han this year.

We have delivered value to our customers through our solutions for over 16 years. Starting this year, we will change our product brand to Han.
Held to BNF Technology’s high standards, the Han products will continue to help customers realize their goals of optimized operation.
BNF Technology constantly helps all of its customers be the leader (chief) in their industry by providing excellent solutions with many benefits. Our company’s goal is to brighten the future of the process industry on a large scale by doing what is right as a company and partner.
Han represents what we deliver to our customers and we will continue to provide solutions and services that are great from beginning to end just like always.

To support our customers, we:
    1) continuously develop our software to solve customers’ problems and to create value for the process plant industry.
    2) contribute to the process plant industry through our research and solutions by consistently improving the world’s infrastructure.