About BNF

Working with BNF

BNF Technology provides opportunities working with BNF to college students, graduated students and professional.
BNF is looking for people who have strong belief and passion to contribute to development of process industry and make the world better place with BNF.
  • Job Positions
    Software Engineer/Customer Support Engineer
    Designing, coding, testing and supporting software solutions
    Executing projects, deploying and delivering software solutions and providing technology support to customers
    Software Tester
    Validating, verifying and testing to make software solutions the world-best quality
    Sales Representative
    Proactively reaching out to customers with BNF solutions and help them to create values with BNF
  • Working Environment
    Working environment of BNF is to enable all BNF members to improve capabilities, focus on work and create values.
    Providing salary, retirement and insurance plans
    Rewarding by evaluating employees’ performance
    Supporting the overseas employees’ life in Korea for the first time
    Supporting Employees’ Healthcare
  • Career Development
    BNF encourages all BNF members to grow as an individual and advance careers by providing opportunities and education program.
    Providing BNF’s Education Programs
    Supporting various training programs from experts
  • Equal Opportunity
    BNF provides equal opportunities in all phases of employment including recruitment, placement, promotion, compensation, benefits and training to all BNF members.
  • If you are interested in joining BNF, please contact recruit@bnftech.com